Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Shaikh is an extra-ordinary diving destination in Egypt. It is Sharm El Sheikh that has given the Red Sea an international recognition.

There are a number of activities that visitors could do at Sharm El Shaikh, including diving, ride on yacht, desert safari, playing at casinos, visit a Disco, and of course do some shopping.

It does send a chill down to the spine when we imagine ourselves doing deep sea-diving. What you experience is crystal clear water, amazing corals, underwater flora and tropical fishes that are rarely seen nowadays.

The white sandy beaches and the desert landscape have earned the name of “The city of peace” for Sharm El Shaikh.

Even if you would like to learn diving, there are ample private companies that offer diving courses. Sharm El Sheikh has turned out to be one of the finest places for people to enjoy the best sun, sea, sand, and hospitality of its residents.

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