India, the land of diversified cultures, traditions, secularism and lip smacking cuisines is one of the mostly visited countries of the world. The country is famous for its world class historical values and rapid economical growth. Further it has always represented itself perfectly all over the world whether its sports, culture, industries or technologies. India has also been renowned as a heritage of its distinct education system globally. Besides, the country also keeps an important place due to its religious aspects which again compels the people to visit here from all over the world.

When it comes to tourism, India has got a lot of flabbergasting spots. Starting from the very famous “heaven on earth” Kashmir to the enchanting views of the meeting points of the 3 major oceans of the country, Kanyakumari, every single city has an interesting history associated with it. Additionally, all of them are equally attractive from the tourist point of view. Practically the options are just endless when you plan a trip to explore the country.

Some of the memorable tourist spots of India include- Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Howrah Bridge, India Gate, Ladakh, Gateway of India, Akshardham, Elephanta caves, Meenakshi temple, Haji Ali Dargah, Char Minar and many such archaeological monuments and pilgrimages. Well, the country also has a rich taste when you think about to feed something to your tummy. Hence, enjoy taking the pleasure of rich taste and blend of myriad food items and mouth watering desserts, either as a breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Indeed the country is developing fast, thus meeting with the challenges and requirements of the current epoch but at the same time the country has also managed to maintain its tourism significance all across the world.   Travelling to this country would always give you nostalgic experience of its variable colorful festivals, eye catching scenarios and the tasty cuisines.

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