Would You Like to Experience Beautiful Summer This December?

December the month of cold breeze and snow where you must be looking for a bit of a sunshine and staying away from freezing weather. Well, New Zealand is the perfect place to visit for you during the month of December.

For New Zealand it’s time to welcome the summer while other countries it’s time to get covered into snow and cosy blankets. The weather in New Zealand is almost fair to good. Here are some beautiful places which you would love to visit during trip to New Zealand.

It’s a perfect time to visit the beaches and lakes during summer here. The West Coast is stunningly green place famous for a highest amount of rain. You would experience a good weather in this region during winter, still its worth to visit in summer.



Do you love driving? If yes, you would be definitely looking to go for the scenic drives up or down State Highway 6. It is one of the excellent experiences to view beautiful rocky coastlines and beaches during your drive as some sections are skirting the coast.

Driving the car on a sunny day especially after a rain during early morning with slightly open windows gives a pleasant smell of Manuka and wet bush.

There are lots of activities to do and see on the West Coast such as visiting the Pancake Rocks, seal colonies, going for a day walk in the bush, visiting Mangatini Falls and experiencing a glacier walk at Fox Glacier or Franz Josef Glacier.


Greymouth a must visit place during your drive through cities where the Pohutukawa trees are in bloom showcasing beautiful red flowers. It’s advised to avoid visit to this place if you are an allergic to pollen.

It will be good time to visit Central Otago for wineries, picking your own fruits and getting vitamin C dosage from a fruit stalls. Visitors would be looking to do strenuous hike such as Mt Roy walk in Wanaka and experience the tremendous views from the top.

Coromandel peninsula and the Bay of Plenty are absolute busy places to visit during summer. Yet, it’s highly recommended not to miss a visit to this place as it has beautiful beaches and coastlines.



Visit to the Wellington will have numerous Pohutukawa trees in the middle of the city. There are various shops, restaurants to go to in Wellington. You would definitely like to go for cultural activities too. During the sunny weather you must walk up to a lookout over Wellington City to get stunning views of the harbour and city.

This was a bit of an over view about visiting the numerous places you must visit in the New Zealand during the December especially to experience summer here. The weather is absolutely stunning and has all the tourism operators open for business you will be able to visit throughout New Zealand.