Travel Destinations in North America

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most fascinating attractions for the visitors due to its deep gorges and views that stuns the visitors as they stand among the ruins of this huge landscape. Hiking, walking and mule trips are best way to experience this beautiful place. Hikers are following trails and routes where prehistoric people have been while tourists would be using South Rim which stands about 7000 feet above the sea level.


Statue of Liberty

Famous Ellis Island of New York City would be definitely a trip not to miss on your list while being in this city. A ferry will travel you to this national monument includes Wall of Honor. If you are good at climbing the crown which is as high as twenty seven story building, an adventurous tour.


Niagara Falls

Experience the most stunning view of the Niagara Falls from either US or Canada. This giant water fall will be most astonishing to view at night with the lights under the falls showing its tremendous power and glory. Visitors can experience this water fall taking a boat ride to get under the water fall.


CN Tower

A high speed elevators would drive you to the top of the CN Tower which is located in Canada will give you a feeling of being top of the world. For a visitors it would be testing their nerves as they look down from the glass floor which gives them a view straight down about 1,222 feet.


Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is situated in the heart of Manhattan is on a list of must visit place especially being in to the NYC. Empire State Building is a 103 story Skyscraper. It stands almost 1454 feet high.