Top 5 Bachelor Party Destinations

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Las Vegas will be a traditional and ideal destination for the bachelors who would be looking to get little wild. Experience a rich array of gambling and an energetic night life. Go for a stage show or a magic act during the day and earn an upgrade to the luxury suite even if you lose on the gambling floor. You will find a food for every taste and budget here, right from ten dollar buffets to five star chefs. If you are a budget conscious, you will find that there are a number of free shows and attractions that can help fill out the itinerary.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Montreal offers a wide collection of bachelor party favorites. You would have a plenty of night life options to choose from for i.e. from gentlemen’s clubs and super clubs to cozy local pubs. During the day, enjoy the reasonably priced, rich quality and entertaining festivals. For history buffs, old Montreal may make for an interesting afternoon for you.

South Beach, Florida, USA


If you are looking to explore the high energy nightlife and most pleasant atmosphere during the day, South Florida will be your destination to be. Get a wild party on the beach front, chill in the high energy clubs, then kick back by the water. The Cuban food in South Beach is second to none and highly affordable. For a unique experience, try chartering a day out on the water on a party boat or a deep sea fishing excursion.

Chicago, Illinois, USA


If you are a passionate about sports and pub lover you would be loving to be at Chicago as it offers number of opportunities. Consider taking in a football or basketball games depending upon the time of the year. Hot dogs and pizza are going to be your signature dishes during the day as they feel light to your pockets (within the budget). Take some time during the night to experience the rich quality Irish pubs.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Are you passionate about adventurous holidays? Well, Vancouver should be on your top list then! Have a great time of fishing, kayaking, or skiing on the slopes during the day. In the evening, discover some of the upscale clubs or cozy pubs. Enjoy the world class meal from the top end chefs of the world.

Experience the perfect bachelor holidays in USA and Canada this summer.