Top 10 Coldest Cities of America to Avoid This Winter

The month of November that time of the year where winter is quietly making its way. The cold mornings and falling leaves are indicating the approaching that season of the year that most people would consider as unpleasant. People would love to spend their winter in a sunny Florida beach houses for sure. However, it’s not something that everybody can afford it.

For those who would put their scarves, gloves and warm hats of below is the list of the top ten coldest cities of US to avoid visiting this winter.


  1. Madison, Wisconsin, 16.1 F

Madison is the capital and located in South Wisconsin. Madison is the 2nd largest city of the state. The summers are too hot in Madison while winters are quiet chilly with modest to heavy snowfall. It has a variable weather patterns with temperature remains most freezing.

  1. Anchorage, Alaska, 16.0 F

Anchorage is one of the most popular cities of Alaska with the population of almost 300,000. The climate of the city is bit of a subarctic. However, due to its nearness to the ocean it’s not that sever as one would imagine. Winters are the most extreme season for this city with almost 75 inches of snowfall annually. The city hits the record of lowest temperature of -38F.

  1. Appleton, Wisconsin, 16.0 F

Appleton is the administrative hub of the Outagamie County. Appleton is positioned 100 miles north of the Milwaukee on the Fox River. Winters in Appleton are typically long with heavy snowfall. The temperatures do strike to -30 F sometime. It would be ideal place for keen ice hockey players and skiers to enjoy the most.


  1. Waterloo, Iowa, 16.0 F

Waterloo is the 6th largest city of Iowa which occupies almost 63.23 square miles of area. The Along with most chilly and long winters, Waterloo city does have to deal with the occasional floods of the Cedar River on some occasions. The city has experienced the worst floods in its history during 2008. Almost after a year it had faced temperature of -34 F.

  1. Green Bay, Wisconsin, 15.9 F

Green Bay is the 3rd largest city of Wisconsin after Milwaukee and Madison. Green Bay experiences typically longest, coldest and snowy winters. The temperature of the city remains closed to or below freezing level for almost 68 days annually. The lowest temperature it has recorded was -36 F.

  1. La Crosse, Wisconsin, 15.9 F

La Crosse is the home of two universities, 1st technical college and 2nd frigid winters. La Crosse is located next to the Mississippi River. The residents of the city have to cope up with the most freezing temperature of almost -40 F with 45 inches of snowfall.



  1. Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 14.0 F

Sioux Falls is the largest and most popular city located in the eastern parts of South Dakota. Sioux Falls experiences cold winters with an average snowfall of around 45 inches annually. During 1899 the city has recorded the coldest temperature of -42 F.

  1. Woodbury, Minnesota, 13.9 F

Woodbury is the largest city in Washington County, Minnesota with the average population of almost 65,000. The city turns into the kingdom of ice during the winter. The temperature drops to almost -30 F during winters.

  1. Saint Paul, Minnesota, 13.6 F

Saint Paul is the capital of Minnesota. It is most popular city of Minnesota. The city experiences the ranges of different temperatures compared to any capitals in the world. Saint Paul experiences snow, sleet, thunderstorms and also tornadoes.

  1. Minneapolis, Minnesota, 13.0 F

Minneapolis is one of the most popular and largest cities of Minnesota. Minneapolis has a pattern of extreme temperature differs during the year. Minneapolis has a humid summer while the winters are about heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures. The city had experienced the recorded snowfall of 100 inches during 1983.