Tips to Travel Thailand


Thailand is a famous travel hub of South-East Asia. Visitors traveling to Thailand fly to Bangkok and get their stay in here to circuit around the region. Right from the cultural riches of the Chiang Mai, vibrant streets of the Bangkok and the astonishing beauty of national parks and beaches Thailand is one of the dream destination for all the visitors to have a perfect holidays. Here are some useful tips for you to make your trip to Thailand a really happening and exclusive.

Traveling with Light Luggage

Luggage is always a concern while planning a trip to your dream destination. Doesn’t matter how much one can control always finds their self being over loaded with the luggage. Well, traveling to Thailand you have to be cautious to remain the lightweight in terms of carrying luggage. It will be a hot traveling to Thailand and you would not like to travel with the heavy backpacks in sweltering heat. During your visit to Thailand, going to Bangkok you will be definitely going to get heavy shopping of clothes and stuff. Chatuchak, Khao San Markets, Suan Lum Bazaar will definitely tempt you to get some stuff for your wardrobe.

Carry Toiletries

Visiting Thailand you must get yourself equipped with a set of toiletries in order to make your trip enjoyable and pleasant. You must make sure that you have a lot of napkins/tissues and hand sanitizer during your trip. In Thailand you will find that most of the restaurants do not have napkins at their disposal. You would not be using any toilets/stalls around. Food in Thailand is very delicious but won’t get your stomach agree all the time. So, it would be wise to get some multivitamins and anti-diarrhea tablets with you. Bring the insect repellent to avoid becoming the favorite dish of mosquitoes.

Water Bottles and Street Food

Beating a heat of Thailand would be only possible carrying water bottles with you all the time. It’s advised not to get your thirst quenched with the fountains or local waters of Thailand because the water here will not be as safe as being back home. It will cost a bit to your pocket but its worth it. Don’t forget to miss the delicious street food of Bangkok during your trip. You would love the food for sure.


One would experience a different customs visiting different countries and visiting Thailand will be a unique. Planning your trip to Thailand you must get your self aware about Thai customs in order to avoid offending locals here. Winning the locals would make your trip much more enjoyable. Doesn’t matter wherever you are coming from make sure you never mock the Royal Family!!!

Get Equipped

It’s must that you come prepared before traveling to Thailand. If you are leaving things to be figured out after landing in Bangkok you will be finding yourself in inconvenience. Get yourself equipped with the maps of your travel destinations and photocopy your passport. Thailand is exciting and fast pace country so, don’t get yourself left behind due to this.

You’re almost close to have the experience of a lifetime as you are now aware about what needs to be done in order to conquer Thailand. Have a happening TRIP!!!