Summer Holidays in New Zeland

New Zealand is one of the stunning country to visit during any time of the year without any doubts. As summer is approaching here we have listed some popular destinations which would make your holidays a memorable one for sure.

The New Zealand Summer is lively and full of backpackers who want to experience it all, from the stunning sunny weather to the ever-changing scenery to the pure adventure. However, some backpackers traveling here might have limited time, some of the travelers don’t know the country too well yet and while some are open to the advice of people locally to ensure their trip doesn’t miss out must visit destinations.

Bay of islands


The Bay of Islands is a desired of all travelers, where the beach offers Surfing, Swimming, Sailing and dolphin safaris. By driving 4 hours from Bay of Islands you will be at New Zealand’s most northern point, Cape Reinga, the massive sand dunes and the Giant Kauri Trees! The Bay of Islands is also home to one of New Zealand’s major historical events, where the Europeans and Maori people signed the Treaty of Waitangi.



Auckland is one of New Zealand’s famous gateways, where all travelers would definitely like to be during their visit to New Zealand. There are heaps of things to do in Auckland. Auckland is based on 48 volcanoes. Auckland is also the home to the Hauraki Gulf, boasting some stunning and unique Islands to visit, you can’t miss Waiheke Island!



This place is known as the Ultimate Surfing Capital of New Zealand, with the little population, the town has denied to Macs, KFC to everything! Raglan is such a small town you could walk from one side to the other in no matter of a time! Make sure you stay at the Secret Karioi Lodge, located in the middle of the bush, but has everything you need – TV, Stereo, Pool Table, Flying Fox, a beautiful deck to see the sunset over the ocean and even a place to hire and learn to surf too.



Lake Taupo is found in the middle of the North Island and its a must see destination, during your New Zealand trip. Taupo has so much to offer and it’s most famous for the Skydiving, cheapest in NZ and the best. Jumping out of plane, at 15 000 Ft and seeing Mt Doom,(Mt Ruapehu) in the far distance and seeing the coasts of New Zealand! Oh did I mention the pick up in a White limousine and jumping out of a pink plane! When you come to Taupo a lot of people talk about the National Park walk, this is one of the famous walks that most people do, it’s the Mt Doom from the Lord of the Rings, or Mt Ruapehu as the locals know it, you can do the crossing and it can take up to 5 hours!

These are some of the most favorite places to visit during your trip to the New Zealand in summer.