Every couple due to be united in wedded bliss would obviously likes to begin their union with a celebration for sure. Preferably, in an exotic destination, that provides lasting reminiscences of enjoyment, intimacy, and romantic ambience and distinctive atmosphere.

Due to the diversity of locations, activities, and types of holidays, Turkey is one of the most excellent place for a honeymoon. Right from the lavish pleasure, to cheap beach destinations, the country provides it in abundance.

Appealing and fascinating Cappadocia

In the heart of Turkey, known as the Anatolia region sits an area called Cappadocia. The fantastic landscape and peculiar, unique cave hotels, makes newlyweds feel romantic urges all day long right from morning to night.

The living method of caves were identified almost hundreds of years ago, but now days, the hotels and resorts have pooled their architecture style with all the contemporary cons and amenities that a honeymooning couple would want to have. Such as Jacuzzi baths, indoor pools, mountain views, king size beds, exotic cuisine; whatever you would like to have, you just need to name it and a hotel provides it.


Even though its located away from beaches and coastal resorts, Cappadocia also offers romantic walks among the fairy chimneys, a nickname for strange rock structures dotted over the landscape that has shaped over thousands of years. In case if you are less passionate about walking you might like wake up early for a quixotic and tremendous sunrise hot air balloon trip over the countryside.


Strong and Emotional Atmosphere in Istanbul

Istanbul, the final destination on the classic route taken by the former luxurious Orient Express Train is another ideal choice for the honeymooning couples. Istanbul city is the number one spot for destinations to visit in Turkey. In 2013, Istanbul overtook Rome and Paris as romantic city break destinations.


Its multiplicity, deceptive history and contemporary, western standards always offers everything for a honeymoon couple, who are either traveling on a budget or looking for luxurious services. Go for a hotel overlooking the historical Bosphorus, be pampered, wined, and dined in honored establishments or you can simply shop like crazy and party until you’re dawn.

The old part of the Istanbul city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and couples gets an opportunity to explore historic buildings left by the exotic Ottoman Empire. The Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and Topkapi Palace are top visited attractions, but if simplicity beckons, the top of Galata Tower provides an amazing panoramic sunset vision over the city.