Perfect Places for January Vacations

January the month of vacation falls in two categories: either having celebration of winter season or staying away from snow and cold. Here are the top five locales of each categories for the perfect enjoyment of your January vacations. You will be having perfect getaway If you get settle in to any of the outstanding vacation rentals available in these areas.

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada


Whistler Four Seasons Resort in British Columbia is one of the largest ski resort of Canada. It has almost 200+ trails. It has been recently awarded as the top spot in Skiing Magazine’s best North American resort.

Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

For the perfect January getaway Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods would be the ideal place. It’s one of the most family friendly resorts in North America. Along with the activities like snowboarding, ice skating, skiing there will be plenty of more stuff to have a happy family winter break.

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen possess the world class services, amazing nightlife and four mountains with widely varied terrain. Aspen is the host to numerous events throughout the year where January is no exception for it. Wintersköl celebration of Aspen’s Nordic cultural roots held annually in January.

Manchester, Vermont


Manchester Village also known as the home of Equinox. It is a four season resort which features cross country skiing, snowshoes treks, ice skating, sleigh rides and many more fun activities. The Equinox stretches almost 1200 acres right from Stratton to Bromley Mountains.

Taos, New Mexico

You would certainly experience the most amazing winter vacation in the Taos Ski Valley. The climate of mountains will be mild and most comfortable during the month of January where the visitors will have the world class skiing activities.


Belize is full of amazing natural wonders right from Caribbean Coastline, sandy beaches, expansive coral reefs of its abundant lagoon, Mayan Mountain peaks, lowland forest and much more. The temperature would range from 75 to 85 degrees during January which makes Belize an ideal destination for visitors who would like to escape the harsh winters.

Costa Rica


Costa Rica would be about learning the pre Columbian history, exploring extensive national parks of the country, relaxing on the most beautiful beaches. Amazing sunshine, warm water and most pleasant atmosphere of Costa Rica makes it perfect destination to spend vacation in January.

New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its most diverse landscapes in the world. New Zealand will be the ideal destination for you to explore if you would love the snow covered mountain peaks to rich, lush forests and much more.


Would you be looking forward to escaping the bitter cold this January, Tahiti would be the place you would like to explore for sure. Tahiti is a Polynesian paradise with its shining blue waters, striking cliffs and tremendous green forests.


Its absolutely stunning weather here in Hawaii all year around. Spend your vacation on the beach or in your beach side bungalows it would be the most pleasant vacation for sure. You would be experiencing the breathtaking views in Hawaii which is amazing one.