Exploring the Mt. Ararat Mountain Range of Turkey

Mt. Ararat is one of the most popular and magnificent natural wonders of the Turkey. Mt. Ararat is volcano capped by snow which stands about 5165 metres tall which is a highest volume mountain across the globe.

There is a historian suspect that Mt. Ararat was the location where the Noah’s ark was landed after the terrific flood. Adventurous travelers are known to scale Mt. Ararat. The hike would last approximately 3 days on an average. In order to climb the summit of Mt. Ararat you must get yourself physically prepared and have obtained permission for climbings.



Agri is known for its interesting geography where the huge portion of the town is made of mountainous lands, followed by the vast plateau and high meadows. Along with getting the glimpse of Noah’s Ark visitors would be definitely fall in love with the picturesque scenery of Agri.

Lake Bali a lake with the elevation of 2241 meters which is one of the remarkable attraction for tourists. Tourists activities i.e. hunting, skiing, hiking and fishing. Don’t forget to try out the “Noah’s Pudding” a famous dessert.



Dogubeyazit a small town filled with hospitable and friendly locals. Visitors are finding locals here most generous and eager to help to learn sights to visit in town and directions to the locations.  Apart from visiting the Mt. Ararat visitors must not forget to visit the Ishak Pasha Palace. Ishak Pasha Palace is one of the ancient castle which was also served as Mosque. It’s highly remarkable for its astonishing architectures.

Muradiye Fall


Once you have visited the Ishak Pasha Palace and Mt. Ararat it would be great to have a stop at Muradiye Waterfall. You would definitely have a great time enjoying the beautiful sight scenes and pleasant sound of the water cascading. Muradiye Waterfall is surrounded by the lush greens. In the month of May hundreds of migratory birds flock here from Lake Van. There are some delicious kebab house and cafe for the refreshments during admiring the beauty of Muradiye Waterfall.