The month of September brings us back to our busy schedule. Kids are ready to go to school and the parents tend to become busy in fixing their daily routines. In this hassle, we do not get the time to observe the unseen beauty of nature.

blog-summer-trendsAs we bid adieu to one season, we welcome another. The onset of winter sheds of the glory of the autumnal breeze, leaves and its scenic beauty. We are trying to get back on track witnessing, the irregular and beautiful display of Mother Nature. It is indeed the catalyst of our lives.





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A roller coaster ride to pump up your blood, a smooth experience of sailing, or relaxing at the beach watching the tidal waves, if this is your dream vacation plan, then you ought to browse over a number of locations on the internet, as a single destination might not fulfil all these blissful luxuries.

Search by the hotspot vacation types and you will find your destination in no time. For people who wish to travel at low fares can opt for cheap flight online and compare the rates between different airlines. After the selection, they can choose the one that suits their budget.



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A lover of trees and flowers might choose the option of spending a simple and peaceful vacation amidst nature.

You can visit places like Kerala in India, filled with exotic and mesmerizing coastal villages, loads of beaches, and a new network of backwaters. The lush green forest would welcome you to its peace and serenity.

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For the avid nature lovers nothing will be better than the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen. You will feel thrilled by standing by the Europe’s largest waterfall and experiencing the roar and pulsation of water over your body, which will galvanize you to full-end.

Explore the castles by ships. Experience the thrill under the Rhine Fall Basin and the gigantic rocks in between the waterfall. It is all what one can ask for. It is heaven, it is bliss, and it is one god gift.


Some of the liveliest destinations where you can spend your holidays and enjoy to the fullest are Amsterdam Netherlands, Bangkok in Thailand, and London in England. These hotspots would add a wind to your sails.


Explore the Royal Palace and nightclubs in the Netherlands, witnessing the cultural festivals and enjoying a romantic trip in Thailand, and living in the most luxurious hotels in London.


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Wildlife and South Africa are synonymous with each other. It feels like the continent makes up a home for the wildlife species, which turn the place into paradise for tourists.

Find the big five elephants, hundreds of birds and numerous rivers and trees that reveal the untouched landscape. The wildlife safari through open jeep is the most preferred by tourists here, and they feel the joy by witnessing the most wonderful creatures of the world.

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