Celebrating a Christmas in the United Kingdom

United Kingdom or Great Britain is one of the popular tourist destinations in the world. Christmas the most waited festive of the year. Let’s have some close view about how people in UK celebrate their Christmas.

Families in UK celebrate Christmas together and gifts each other presents. Families bring Christmas tree to their house and decorate it with wonderful lightings. The Christmas tree concept was introduced by Prince Albert, the Queen Victoria’s husband which was first popularised in United Kingdom. People in Britain accepted this concept and celebrate it with great joy.

During the festive of Christmas towns, villages and cities are turned into beautiful decorative lights. These lights are switched on by the famous person. To experience the one of the best Christmas lights in UK the Oxford Street in the London would be the perfect place to visit. The “Switch on” of lights happens during the month of November.



It is one of the traditions in most of the primary and elementary schools in UK to perform Nativity Play. There are lots of churches in the UK which performs Carols with Candlelight. The candles light up the Churches beautifully.

One of the popular beliefs of children is that father Santa Claus leaves presents for them in pillows or stockings. The Stockings are usually hung next to the children’s beds during the Christmas Eve. In return to their Christmas presents children leaves brandy and mince pies for Santa Clause to have some food and drink during their visit to their house.

There are some customs which were originally started in the United Kingdom. Wassailing is one of the old anglo-saxon customs which is not happening now days. “Boxing Day” is also famous custom around the world which was started in UK. Boxing Day is considered as public holiday in many countries now days and people enjoys shopping of electronic goods, gadgets etc. with special discounted prices.



People in Scotland celebrate New Year’s Eve which is also known as Hogmanay. They celebrate it more than the Christmas. One would experience the best firework in the UK for the celebration of the New Year. Most popular firework display places in the UK are London at River Thames and in the Edinburgh at the Hogmanay celebrations.

It is a belief in the Scotland that the first person who set foot in their house during a New Year will have a huge effect on the fates of other people living there. For them the strangers are believed as to bring them good luck. They consider that is it better to have a strangers with dark hairs or fair hairs to set foot in their house. This tradition is known as “First Footing”. England has their own belief that a stranger carrying a lump of coals through the door will bring good luck to them.

Merry Christmas in Scottish dialtect is Blith Yule,Merry Christmas in Gaelic it’s Nollaig Chridheil while in Wales it’s Nadolig Llawen.


The most popular Christmas meals are roasted turkey, roasted vegetable and various trimmings such as peas, carrots, beacon and sausages. The roasted beef and goose were the main Christmas meal before Turkey was available.



During the Christmas people eats lots of Christmas puddings, chocolates and mince pies. The dinner tables are decorated beautifully with flowers, candles and Christmas crackers. Christmas cakes are very famous in the UK where some people really likes them while some don’t. The Christmas cakes are customarily a rich fruit cake covered with icing and marzipan top with spring of holly a Christmas themed decorations of cake.