Best Places to Visit in Agra – India

Agra is one of the best popular tourist destinations in India. Many tourist visit India every year from around the world. Tourism in India is on increase and often people plan in advance to obtain Indian visa and book their Cheap Flights to India online to get the best travel deals. The best time to visit Agra is from mid-September to April, as temperature is not high. Not all cities of India has international airport, therefore when you are going to book your next holiday, look for major International airport near your destination to get possible cheap travel deals.

Taj Mahal:

taj mahal

The most famous place is the Taj Mahal in Agra India. This white marble mausoleum attracts around 3 million tourists every year. This is also one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This is located on the southern bank of the Yamuna River in Agra, which is in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. The Taj Mahal was commissioned in 1632 by the Shah Jahan, Mughal Emperor for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. It is one of the best examples of Mughal architecture and is recognized as the “The Jewel of Muslim art in India”.

 Agra Fort:

In Agra, the other famous place to visit is the Agra Fort (sometimes called the Red Fort). This was built by Akbar, the Mughal Emperor in 1565. This fort has various other buildings, especially a mosque called Moti Masjid (Pearl mosque), Jahangir’s Palace, Diwan-e-Khas (private audience) Diwan-e-Aam (Public hall), Shish Malah (mirrored palace) and Musamman Burj, which is an octagonal tower standing close to Shah Jahan’s private hall.

 Fatehpur Sikri:

fatehpur sikri

The Mughal Emperor, Akbar also built Fatehpur Sikri about 22 miles (35 km) from Agra. It’s a World Heritage site and often visited by tourists. Fatehpur Sikri is a place Mughal Emperor Babur defeated Rana Sanga in a battle. Then Akbar wanted to make this place as headquarter, but due to shortage of water, it moved back to Agra fort. This site displays a number of historical buildings.

 Akbar’s Tomb:

The Tomb of I’timad-ud-Daulah is a Mughal mausoleum in the city of the Agra. This is often called a “Jewel box” or “Baby Taj”. This was commissioned by Nur Jahan, the wife of Jahangir, for her father Mirza Ghiyas Beg. The tomb was built between 1622 and 1628, with numerous gardens and outbuildings.

akbars tomb

The Mughal Emperor, Akbar himself planned his own tomb (Akbar’s Tomb, Sikandra), which was completed in 1613 near Agra Fort by his son Jahangir. The vast, beautifully carved, red-ochre sandstone tomb with deer’s, rabbits and langurs is set within a luxurious garden. Akbar’s tomb reflects the completeness of his personality. 

Jama Masjid:

The Jama Masjid, in Agra is one the largest mosque in India. This was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1648. This mosque then dedicated to his favorite daughter Jahanara Begum.

Jama Masjid

There are many other places to visit in Agra city. Agra city has small domestic airport with no international link to facilitate the tourists to book their cheap flights to India from UK online. The nearest International airport is the Indra Gandhi International airport in Delhi. The tourist can commute to Agra by using domestic airline, train, taxi or public transport. The Indian Government has plans to make new Taj International airport for the tourists in the Agra city. If everything goes as planned, Agra city will have his own International airport in the future.