Astonishing Gardens of the World to Visit


Butchart Gardens – Canada

Butchart Gardens is located in the Victoria, British Columbia with the landscape of almost 55 acres. It was created in 1904. Millions of people visits these gardens throughout the year. These garden has more than million plants in approx. 900 varieties blooms constantly between March and October. These gardens have become a popular tourist destination due to the Japanese Garden, Italian Garden and Rose Gardens.


Garden of Cosmic Speculation – Scotland

Garden of Cosmic Speculation has been designed by the creator Charles Jencks which encompasses 30 acres of Scotland. Science and mathematics provides the theme for 40 areas of focus including gardens, sculptures and bridges. Visitors can trek to the tiniest building blocks of matter on theQuark Walk or seefractal geometry amid various lakes and landforms.


Nong Nooch Tropical Botanic Garden – Thailand

This site of total 600 acres is comprised of 200 acres of gardens. It also has a splendid cycad and palm collection, which is one of the worlds largest. It includes European Renaissance Garden, Stonehenge characteristic and the 17th Century French Garden. These Gardens houses almost 670 native orchid species and hybrids within the orchid nursery.


Keukenhof – The Netherlands

Keukenhof is spread within the area of 79 acres also acknowledged as the Garden of Europe. It is one of the largest Flower Garden in the world. Millions of spring flowering bulbs are planted by hand each year and the grounds include over 2500 trees in 87 varieties. It is Netherland’s biggest Sculpture Parkhowever, the Keukenhof also have its own collection of art.


Ryoan-ji – Japan

Zen Rock Garden and World Heritage Site is located in Kyoto, Japan which is presumed to originate from the late 1400’s. Spanning across 120 acres of land, the grounds contain picturesque mountain backgrounds and green moss gardens. A huge pond called Oshidori-ike accommodates two islands, the larger of the two island with a bridge that leads to the

Shrine of Benten, the Shintogoddess of good luck.