Adventurous Destinations to Visit for 2015

‘Where to travel next?’ is one of our all time preferred questions to ask and we all want to make sure that our trips and holidays remain pleasant and memorable. Here we have some most adventurous destinations which should make your holidays for 2015 an experience of a lifetime.


Croatia: Enchanting medieval cities, turquoise waters, and rugged mountains make Croatia the jewel of the Adriatic Sea. With delicious fare, intimate lodgings, and adventurous spirit throughout, it’s easy to see why this small Mediterranean country is being called a “must-do” destination. Hikes through Aleppo pine forests and fields of lavender, sea kayaking to hidden inlets and coves, Roman and Renaissance architecture, an up-and-coming wine scene, and centuries-old culinary traditions. To make the most out of your trip it would be ideal to visit Croatia during May 23–30 or September 26 – October 3.


Myanmar: Still known to much of the world as Burma, Myanmar has been off of the travelers’ destination lists for too long. The country has a collection of stunning Buddhist monuments, bucolic Southeast Asian countryside, and a capital charismatically untarnished by tourism. Although it’s true that it has a troubling past in terms of military rule, the junta is relaxing its restrictions and grassroots tourism boycotts are being lifted. If you’re looking for a unique adventure that’s definitely off the beaten path, Myanmar is an experience all its own. Landscapes found nowhere else on earth are home to ancient hill tribes, leg-rowing fishermen, and farmers who grow their crops on floating gardens. A chance to experience the country and its famous ancient temples by foot, hot air balloon, horse-drawn carriage, riverboat, elephant back and more.
Great to visit during March 6–16 or October 9–19.


Palau: Never heard of it? That’s just why you should go to Palau, and go next. The rock islands of this Micronesian paradise boast endless marine diversity, making it the ideal setting for our sea kayaking and snorkeling adventure…or if you just want to play castaway for a while. Tumbling jungle waterfalls, World War II battle sites, and hidden marine lakes filled with hundreds of sting-less jellyfish are just some of the reasons Palau is unlike anywhere else. Nights are spent in safari-style tents at our luxury beach camps, with your own traveling chef to prepare meals along the shore. Plan your holidays during March 8–17, September 28 – October 7, or November 25 – December 4.


South Africa: The New York Times named Cape Town its number one place to go this year. Mixing a little bit of the familiar alongside experiences that can only be found in South Africa, for first-time travelers, it’s the perfect introduction to Africa. From cosmopolitan Cape Town to the classic safari experiences of Kruger National Park, there’s something to satisfy every type of adventurer—plus the incredible vistas along Table Mountain, a renowned wine region, and even the chance to take a great white shark safari (if you dare). Schedule your trip between August 4–15 to make the most of it.