5 Incredible Holiday Spots In Dubai

The city of Dubai has its own grandeur. It has always been the centre of tourist attraction with its flashy malls, magnificent architecture, top class elite hotels and beaches bathed in the sunlight. They are enough to make the person spellbound by its beauty on his holidays.

Dubai lies on the crossroads of Africa, Asia and Europe so it has become the favorite holiday spot for the travelers from all over the world. They get attracted to this colorful city of many probabilities. Let us explore some of its eminent attractions.


Marina is aptly known as the heart of Dubai. It has given a powerful boost to the tourism industry of the city. This place lives up to our every expectation. It is situated on Interchange five that lies in the middle of Jabeli Ali port, Dubai internet city, Media city and the American university of Dubai. The place is manmade and provides six elite Towers of Dubai Marina.

There are water front apartments with 64 villas with five star facilities. The villa tops are lush green giving it an eco friendly touch. You can dine in your selected casual or elite restaurant, or play sports in the sports lounge.

urlDubai Marina

It is the home recreational amenities. There are club lounges to relax and they exclusively organize the well-known cruising club for the Yacht buff, which takes the DMYC members to indulge in the yacht rides on domestic destinations. You can also join the workshops and seminars with your fellow mates.

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The palm island of Dubai is conclusively the hot tourist spot for attracting the travelers. It is known as the 8th wonder of the world. There are several beaches around the island and comfortable residences in which the travelers can stay with their families, without getting disturbed. The island is crescent shaped and located 13 feet above the sea level. There is a high tech monorail operating through the whole length of the island, making it an easy access for the tourists and the local people.

Palm IslandPalm Island Image Source


The Dubai fountains would invariably be your favorite family holiday destination in the city. It shoots up water in the air at a height of 500 feet, which is as high as a fifty story building. They are choreographed with beautiful music which leaves a memorable impression in the minds of the onlookers.


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The Burj Al Arab is one fine piece of modern engineering. It is the second tallest building in the whole world, and is used as a 7 star elite hotel. There are 202 bedroom suites whose price range starts from 2000 dollars to 28,000$ of royal suite per night. It’s most expensive and famous hotel Al Muntaha is located 200 meters above the sea level.

Burj Al Arab DubaiBurj Al Arab Hotel Dubai


Burj Dubai

Image Source of Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is invariably the world’s tallest skyscraper. It is build up of sophisticated residential apartments, luxurious Armani hotels, high-tech office space, 4 swimming pools and a special resident lounge with a cigar club. There are health clubs made for the fitness freaks and an observatory, which makes it a must see tourist attraction for the people.