4 Wildest Ways to Explore Europe on a Cruise

Get a unique experience of discovering Europe through the cruise than sightseeing in port. Apart from the castles, churches and palaces your wild shore excursions meant to thrill and exhilarate; get your heart racing more than a visit to the “Mona Lisa“. Get yourself to enjoy the pleasure of Europe’s renowned culture, architecture and natural wonders on these fast flying, high energetic excursions that will satisfy even the wildest thrill seekers.

1. Cruise the Côte d’Azur in a Luxury Ride


French Riviera will be your destination on the list. Get your hands on the road hugging, speed churning, eye turning Maserati or Ferrari or Lamborghini with a mission that you must accept to feel the engine purr while you fly higher and higher above the Mediterranean Sea; navigating the mountainside hairpin turns that make the South of France’s roads one of the most exciting in the world to drive.

2. Hike an Active Volcano in Greece


If you ever wonder to see the an active volcano up close, make your way to the tiny island of Nea Kameni near Santorini. For this of course you will be required to hike from the beach up the gravel slope (over the lava fragment) to get to the volcano’s rim. This will also provide you a definite opportunity to not only seeing the moon crater-like volcanic rock formations, but also exploring the stunning views of the Aegean Sea in the distance. Then, you’ll take a dip in the mineral-rich, sulfur springs below.

3. Bike down a Fjord in Norway


Words typically used to describe a fjord include steep and narrow, neither of which typically augur well with bikers. Daredevils, however, will definitely fall in love with an adrenaline-pumping, 3,000-foot descent down the side of a mountain — beginning at the scenic Flydalsjuvet, viewpoint — to the town of Geiranger. (means the “Pit of Fly Valley”). Best of all, dissimilar to cars and motorcycles, which have speed limit restrictions, bike riders are encouraged to ride as fast as they are willing to and to stop where they would like, while zipping down the super scenic road.

4. Ride River Rapids in Croatia\


Cetina River gorge is one of the many hidden treasures tucked into the Croatian Landscape, set in the magnificent cliff of the Biokovo Mountains, about an hour from the cruise port of Split. It is definitely a gorgeous, but this still relatively undiscovered river also delivers thrills in the form of level two and three rapids that you can pass through by canoe or kayak. And if you need a break from paddling, there are the cool green waters of the Gubavica waterfall — a refreshing bonus for cruises needing a swim.


Note: Make sure you check with your cruise advisors about the age requirements and other possible restrictions before you set out on your adventure holidays.